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      Our Auxiliaries Achieved Initial Success 2014-02-18
      Our Peached Cotton & Nylon Poplin Obtained the Scientific Awards. [PIC] 2014-02-18
      Sun Fat Won the Title of Excellent Oversea Chinese Investment Enterprise in Zhejiang. [PIC] 2014-02-18
      Our Full-dull Stretch Satin Obtained the Scientific Awards. [PIC] 2014-02-18
      Taiwan expert Professor Lin guided our ^standardization ̄ 2014-02-18
      Clean & neat Slurry Mixing Section [PIC] 2009-08-23
      Some of the Competitive Products in Sunfat Textile Printing&Dyeing(Shaoxing) Co.,Ltd 2009-05-27
      Building up the company¨s new face, SUN FAT takes out 5S management [PIC] 2009-05-27